Using a Ouija Board

Before using a Ouija Board, you should read the following guidelines:  

1 - Do NOT put all your trust into a ouija board. Spirits DO and WILL LIE. Don't always trust that the spirit really is who they say they are.  
2 - It is possible for a bad spirit to say they are good. They CAN trick you. There are demons, devils, good and bad sprits and even angels but you never REALLY know who you are communicating with.  
3 - Using a ouija board can give a spirit some kind of PERMISSION to either hurt or possess you.  
4 - Be careful what you say or think while talking to a spirit so you don't hurt or anger them in anyway.  
5 - Be relaxed while "playing" and don't play if you dont BELIEVE in it because it will not work.  
6 - Never move the planchette yourself. This will piss the spirit off.  
7 - Make sure to pick and announce a medium before you begin. MEDIUM: the person in the session to ask the majority of the questions.

Information That is good to know:  

Don't ask stupid questions about your future such as "When am i going to die?" They know the answer but they will most likely lie to you for their own entertainment. Wouldn't you do the same? Besides, the future is constantly changing.

It's possible to use a ouija board alone but you can't do that without developing a certain amount of senses and energy. You first need to become more experienced to be able to do this.  

The spirit(s) you are talking to is actually moving your ARMS. NOT the planchette. They use your spirit to contact your arms to contact the planchette. It's actually pretty complicated and after a while they will become tired and so will you because they are draining energy from your body.   The more people touching the planchette, the stronger the movements are. Try not to have too many though. three or four at the most.  

If you can't get it to work, have both or all the people touch knees and put the board on your laps, this harnesses more energy and makes the spirit more willing to communicate.  

It's not a bad idea to wear a cross necklace after or while using a ouija board. It will protect you from bad spirits.   Praying before and after each session is also not a bad idea if you wish to only communicate with the "good" spirits.  

It is also known to work that if you light a white candle for the session it will keep all the bad spirits away but theres no guaruntee.  

If you wish, you may have a scribe who watches the conversation and records everything. (ASK THE SPIRIT FOR PERMISSION FIRST)  

You can make a ouija board out of just about anything. it'll work either way. Trust me.    

The first time you use it, you may want to do it in a dark place. After that or after a couple times, it should work in the light all the time if you have a "following" spirit.             
DON'T be alarmed. My following spirit is my spirits best friend. (everyone has one) and they protect you and such. They do leave after a while because they have another life to go into.
Living multiple lives is possible and every spirit does. This is also known as Reincarnation.